INSEAD Future Forum: Will Web3 Transform Luxury & Fashion?

Thursday, 2 February 2023
Paris, France


Driven by blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse, Web3 is opening up new avenues for the fashion and luxury sector to create new universes and revenue streams as well as expand its reach to new and younger generations. Bringing together leading fashion and luxury brands, academics and Web3 thought leaders, the INSEAD Future Forum will discuss key Web3 trends to watch for in 2023 as well as investigate how fast and how far the new internet will transform the sector as well as digital marketing. The forum will also deep dive into some exciting early use cases of Web3 in the sector.


Peter Zemsky

Deputy Dean/Dean of Innovation, INSEAD

Frederic Godart

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD

Jessie Fu (MBA‘21D)

Founder, altr

Ian Rogers

Chief Experience Officer, Ledger (ex-Chief Digital Officer of LVMH)

Elise Yoshida

Digital Communications and Metaverse Director, Christian Louboutin

David Dubois

Associate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD

Violaine Gressier

Global Industry Head, Luxury & Beauty, Meta

Vadim Grigoryan (MBA’00J)

Partner and Chief Marketing Officer, Lunu




5.00 – 5.10 PM         Introduction Remarks by Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean/Dean of Innovation, INSEAD
5.10 – 5.40 PM

Keynote – 2023 Web 3 Market Trends in Luxury by BCG + Q&A

In 2023, Web3 is predicted to become the next “Blue Ocean” for fashion and luxury sectors, with more and more brands beginning to venture into the world of metaverse and NFTs with a test-and-trial approach. What are the most important trends to follow, from digital wearables to NFTs?

5.40 – 6.10 PM

Leader’s Perspective on Web3 with Ian Rogers + Q&A

  • LEDGER – Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer (ex-Chief Digital Officer of LVMH) – TBC
  • INSEAD – Peter Zemsky, Dean of Innovation

Having extensive experience in digital transformation and democratization of innovative technologies, Ian will give his opinion on the future of Web3, its impact on business models, as well as the speed of adoption by luxury and fashion brands. He will also explain what the main challenges and opportunities for corporations are to integrate blockchain and crypto solutions.

6.10 – 6.40 PM

Fireside Chat – Metaverse as a New World or a Marketing Channel?

  • META – Violaine Gressier, Global Industry Head, Luxury & Beauty
  • INSEAD – Frederic Godart, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

The term “metaverse” refers to a virtual space created within the internet using 3D technologies. This concept is directly related to such technologies as blockchain, augmented and mixed reality, “non-fungible” tokens (NFTs). In simple terms, the metaverse provides an ecosystem or platform for creating, owning, and monetising digital assets. How does it relate to luxury and fashion brands?

6.40 – 7.20 PM

Panel Discussion – How Do Luxury Brands and Tech Startups Navigate the Metaverse? + Q&A

There are two ways luxury and fashion brands immerse themselves in the metaverse: the first is a combination of physical and digital, where clothing can be worn using augmented or virtual realities. The second is fully digital, where items are sold directly to an avatar or as NFTs. What are the most exciting use cases that new tech ventures propose to fashion and luxury?

  • CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN – Elise Yoshida, Digital Communications and Metaverse Director
  • LUNU – Vadim Grigoryan (MBA’00J), Partner and Chief Marketing Officer
  • ALTR – Jessie Fu (MBA’21D), Founder
  • INSEAD – David Dubois, Associate Professor of Marketing
7.20 – 7.30 PM Final Remarks
7.30 – 8.30 PM Networking Cocktail