Annet Aris, Adjunct Professor of Strategy

Period 3 | May-June 2018|
Seats: 48
Credit: 1

Course Purpose

Many industries are in the midst of a fundamental transition from analogue to digital business models. In some cases new markets entrants threaten to extinguish the existing players. In almost all cases digitization fundamentally changes the way companies are run. The focus of the course will be on understanding how digitization changes the rules of game and on developing strategies to help companies to create rather than destroy value during this shift.

Learning Goals

After the course you will be able to:

  • Display an in depth understanding of the impact of the digital transformation on society, industries and companies, with a special focus on the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) industry.
  • Help companies transition to and/or grow in the digital world with regard to their business models as well as business processes – such as innovation, product development, production, distribution, marketing and sales and
  • Define organizational skills needed to successfully compete in the digital age.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is aimed students who want to gain an overall understanding of how the digital world will impact industries and companies and how to cope with radical transformations. It is especially aimed at students who are considering careers with companies in industries which are going through a digital transformation, with Tech companies or with professional firms (e.g. management consultants, private equity, investment banking) with a special focus on the digital world. It is not a course aimed at start-up entrepreneurs.

Course Overview

The philosophy of the course is to prepare students for the transition from business school back to business life by exposing them to hands-on industry expertise. The course professor was a partner at McKinsey & Company. Currently she is in the board of several listed companies which are going through the digital transition. An advisory board consisting of senior executives from leading Media, Telecom and Technology companies (i.e. Google, Facebook, Vodafone, ProSiebenSat1 SE and Microsoft) supports the course actively and senior managers from these companies will speak in each of the class sessions to discuss actual digital transformation challenges facing his or her company. Students will have extensive opportunity to interact with the speakers.

The course will look at real life cases presented by guest speakers as well as at the structural shifts in industry dynamics and customer interaction. As the TMT industry was amongst the first to be affected by the digital transformation there will be a special focus on this industry and its major disruptors, the Internet giants. The overall focus of the course will be mostly on B2C (Business to Consumer) industries.

The course will be taught in 7 double sessions, covering all aspects of the digital transformation:

  • Technology game changers and digital adoption patterns
  • Industry disruption: which industries will be disrupted why and when?
  • The role of Internet Giants and their impact on industry structures and profits
  • Digitization: a global or regional game?
  • Digital transformation strategies for incumbents
  • How digital affects organizational processes and set up
  • Impact of digitization on society: a blessing or a curse?

In each double session (except the introduction), the guest speaker will talk about his/her company and the digital challenges it is facing. We will put the case in an overall context and try to understand the bigger picture. We will have a class discussion around potential courses of actions. A preliminary overview of the course and its speakers is provided below. Changes in schedule and speakers are still possible, depending on the calendar of the speakers.

Preliminary Course Overview

Session Topic Guest Speaker


1,2, Introduction: Technology game changers  
3, 4 The impact of digitization on industries: which, why and when? Google: Lino Cattaruzzi,
Regional Director Middle East and North Africa
5,6 Internet Giants and future industry structures Spotify: Michael Krause,
Managing director EMEA
7,8 Digitalization: a global or regional game? Amazon: Alex Ootes,
Vice President Pan-EU Category
Management and EU Expansion
9,10 Digital transformation strategies for incumbents Schibsted: Rolv-Erik Ryssdal,
11,12 How digital affects organizational processes and set up Facebook: Julien Lesaicherre,
VP Workplace by Facebook
13,14 The impact of digitization on Society: blessing or curse? Manuel Cubero,
CEO Kabel Deutschland,
Member Executive Committee
Vodafone Germany