Period 5| November-December 2018|
Singapore and Fontainebleau
Seats: 48
Credit: 1

Professor Anirban Mukherjee

Market intelligence is an essential part of any business (established company or start-up) that wants to outperform their competitors by offering products or services that are focused and well targeted. The last decade has seen an explosion in the quantity and quality of information available to managers and decision makers. Big data and social media are just two of the key trends that drive this information overload. Only business decisions that are based on good intelligence and good research can minimise risk and allow you to pursue lucrative growth opportunities in the future. This is even more challenging in a digital world where customers (a) expect more, (b) are well-informed, (c) trust their peers, (d) have more choices and (e) have a voice. By making market intelligence, that also does include customer intelligence, part and parcel of the business strategy and conducting research throughout the lifecycle of a product or service market intelligence will bring the following benefits:

  • It helps you to outperform your competitors
  • It helps you to identify and better understand your target market and your target customers
  • It will provide you with valuable insights when launching your own business
  • It keeps you relevant and future-oriented
  • It improves your decision-making capabilities
  • It helps you to create better customer experiences
  • It creates benchmarks and helps you measure your progress
  • It helps you to innovate with impact

This course is aimed at the manager (or the growing group of specialised consultants) who is the ultimate user of market and customer intelligence & research and the one responsible for making decisions within an organisation regarding activities such as identifying the optimal value proposition, positioning strategy, segmentation, pricing strategy or advertising. This course is also for all the entrepreneurs that would like to build their own business. Every business plan and marketing strategy has to start with the customer. You have to understand what customers want and not just what they need. But in 90% of the cases that information is missing and I had many discussions with MBAs, eMBAs, Alumni about setting up the appropriate research to collect the information to create successful businesses.

This course will provide fundamental understanding of market customer intelligence methods employed by better managed firms and will help managers recognize the role of systematic information gathering and analysis in providing business direction and sound decision guidance from a strategic and tactical perspective. We will also discuss innovative techniques that will change the way how companies collect and analyze relevant data in the future – i.e. real business examples related to social media listening & analytics, mobile focus groups and ethnographies, eye-tracking and neuromarketing, behavioral economic models, or sensor-based data collection.