Building a Sustainability Inspired Business: The Case of EcoVadis.


Thursday, 28 September 2023
5.00 pm CET
Duration: 60 min

Join us for an upcoming webinar where we will explore the fascinating story of EcoVadis and how it has become a global leader in sustainability ratings for supply chains. Founded in 2007 by Pierre-François Thaler (MBA’99D) and Frédéric Trinel, EcoVadis assesses the sustainability of supply chains around the world, providing suppliers with performance scorecards and enabling corporate buyers to monitor their sustainability performance. The combination of technology, expertise and network effects has propelled EcoVadis to become a hugely successful platform with over 100,000 active clients across 160 countries. Discover how the company can scale up its capabilities to drive growth in the next decade, and ultimately make the corporate world more sustainable. This cross-disciplinary case study is relevant to any organization navigating its digital transformation journey today. The webinar will be hosted by Karel Cool, Professor of Strategic Management and Atalay Atasu, Professor of Technology and Operations Management, both INSEAD.



Further readings

  • EcoVadis and the Market for Supply Chain Sustainability Ratings in 2023 by Karel Cool, Atalay Atasu, Luk Van Wassenhove and Laurent De Clara – Case to be discussed during the webinar 
  • EcoVadis: A Sustainability Rating Company Goes Global by Andre Calmon, Luk Van Wassenhove and Anne Nai-tien Huang
Karel Cool,

Professor of Strategic Management INSEAD

Atalay Atasu,

Professor of Technology & Operations Management, INSEAD

Pierre-Francois Thaler

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, EcoVadis

Frédéric Trinel

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, EcoVadis