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Analytics-Driven Transformation at Majid Al Futtaim

by David Dubois, Joerg Niessing, Katia Kachan

E.ON: Building a New AI Powered Energy World

by Theodoros Evgeniou, Pal Boza

Barça Innovation Hub (BIH) Goes Global: Innovation On and Off the Pitch

by L. Felipe Monteiro, John Davies, Anne-Marie Carrick

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Remote work: Nudges at snack time

November 2020: HBR France, Pierre Chandon. Télétravail : le nudge s’invite à l’heure du goûter. En plein reconfinement, appliquez des méthodes marketing pour aider vos enfants à adopter des habitudes alimentaires plus saines. A...


How to boost innovation by partnering with a startup

October 2020: HBR France. Andrew Shipilov, Nathan Furr,  Tobias Studer Andersson. Comment booster l’innovation en s’associant à une start-up. Tout l’enjeu est de trouver des solutions innovantes pour gagner en compétitivité....


Big tech’s global strategy in the cloud

October 2020: Business AM Live, Nigeria, Jason Davis. Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Alibaba are fighting tooth and nail in the cloud market, using strategies heavily influenced by their respective histories. A lot has been said...