Peter Zemsky

Digital Strategy, Digital Disruption

Albert Angehrn

Virtual Communities, Advanced Simulations, Internet Strategies

Annet Aris

Digital Transformation in the Media Industry

Noah Askin

Organizational Design & Culture, Change Management, and the Transition to Digital

Philippe Blaettchen

Operations in complex networks, Supply chain traceability, Machine learning for humanitarian applications

Henrik Bresman

Leading Innovation in the Digital Age

Virginia Cha

Digital Entrepreneurship

Guoli Chen

Digital transformation in traditional industries, Digital transformation & value innovation, Governance in digital space

So Yeon Chun

Analytics for strategy evaluation/causal inference, Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management, Revenue and Pricing Management

Karel Cool

Digital Disruption, Network Externalities, Critical Mass and FinTech/InsurTech

Jason Davis

Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Technology Strategy, Collaboration

Lucia Del Carpio

Organizational Design and Digitalization, Women in Technology

Jean Dermine


David Dubois

Data & Digital Intelligence, Digital & Social Media Communication, Digital Marketing Strategy, Reputation and Crises Management in a Digital Age, Digital Transformation

Theodoros Evgeniou

Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI

Antonio Fatas

Digital currencies, Fintech, Technology and economic growth

Nathan Furr

Technology & Innovation Strategy, Digital Transformation & Disruption, Creativity & Innovation

Charles Galunic

Organisation Behaviour, Strategy, Leadership in the Digital Age

Maria Guadalupe

Organizational Design and Digitalization, Women in Technology

Sameer Hasija

Technology and Business Model Innovation, New Product Development, Social Media Analytics, AI

Xi Kang

Adoption of AI in knowledge-intensive industries and its effects on human capital, productivity and organization design

Khwan Kim

Computational content analysis, Machine learning, Natural language processing

Pavel Kireyev

Marketing Technology, Platforms, Behavioural Data

Dominique Lecossois


Xina Li

Interactions of digitalization, governance, digital platform & remote working

Chengyi Lin

Digital execution, Digital organisation, Blended/hybrid design

Aly Madhavji

Blockchain, Digital currencies, Fintech

Bill Magill

Technology Commercialisation

Marco Minervini

Organizational Design & Algorithms, Remote Work, People & Organizational Analytics, Data Governance

Mark Mortensen

Virtual Work, Collaboration, Organisation DNA

Felipe Monteiro

Technology Scouting, Digital Transformation in Latin America, Digital and Luxury

Joerg Niessing

Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience, Digital Analytics and Intelligence

Sanghyun Park

Platform competition, human-AI collaboration, internationalization strategy in the digital age

Philip M. Parker

AI for Content Creation, NextGen Search Algorithms, Hyperlocalisation using Digital platforms

Henning Piezunka

Crowdsourcing, Online Feedback, Ideation

Phanish Puranam

Org 2.0

Andreas Raharso

People and Organizational Analytics, Strategy Execution, Leadership in Digital Age

Guillaume Roels

End-to-end Information Chains, Agile Project Management, Service co-production

Ville Satopaa

Data Analytics, Forecasting, Crowdsourcing & Statistics

Andrew Shipilov

Digital Disruption, Strategic Alliances & Inter-Firm Networks in the Digital Age

Dimitrios Skaltsas

Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship, AI, Machine Learning, Enterprise software

Yanbo Song

Open innovation, organizational learning and user co-creation in digital age

Manuel Sosa

User-centered, creative, and agile development of digital products, New digital products for sustainable business models, New Digital products to fight COVID-19

Dmitry Sumkin

Blockchain for supply chain management, tabletop technology in restaurants

Ludo Van der Heyden

Governance in the Digital Age

May-Anne Very

Social media data and computational social sciences methods

Therese Vien

AI/DeepTech startup in FinTech, eMobility & cybersecurity


Pascale Balze

Global Project Manager, Deputy Dean's office

Sandra El Dakkak

Projects and Events Coordinator, Deputy Dean's office

Dezma Dsouza

Research assistant & Coordinator, F&R