Dimitrios Skaltsas is an entrepreneur in AI- he has a passion for innovation, for exploring solutions at the intersection of sectors/ disciplines, and for collaborations. He is active in the broader digital space as an advisor and investor.

His current venture, Intelligencia, is an enterprise software company that uses Machine Learning to help bring life-saving therapies to patients, and increase efficiencies in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries. Founded in 2017 in NY, Intelligencia’s platform assesses the probability of drugs to gain market approval and mitigates risks in clinical development. Prior to that, Dimitrios was a Domain Lead at New Ventures at McKinsey & Co, where he pioneered Machine Learning-enabled enterprise products in life sciences. Also, as consultant with McKinsey he has  advised business executives in the US, Europe, and the Middle East on a broad range of digital topics, including strategy, marketing, and transformations.

Dimitrios is actively involved in the digital transformation and innovation executive education programmes at INSEAD, where he works with Professor Zemsky on big data & AI related topics. His interests focus on bringing innovation from concept to the market, barriers to AI implementation, and how enterprises can apply start-up practices to effectively act upon AI opportunities and capture value from data.

Dimitrios holds an MBA from INSEAD. When not busy growing his company and advising on digital, he unwinds by painting, being in the countryside and connecting with people. He has participated in exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.