Creating Value Through Customer-Centricity: The Case of Air Liquide


Thursday, 14 March 2024
03.00 pm CET
Duration: 60 min

Join us for an INTHECASE webinar on Air Liquide. The company is a key player in industrial and healthcare gases and is focusing on enhancing “customer intimacy” through digital technologies post its acquisition of Airgas in the US. Explore the nuances of building relationships with core customer segments and selecting suitable digital tools like AI, big data, social media or robotics for small, mid-size and large customers. Discover the importance of new organizational structures to drive digital transformation, foster agility in a fast-paced environment and position Air Liquide as a learning agent.

Find out more about:

  • How companies create value through customer-centricity.
  • Creating a competitive advantage by aligning digital maturity with customer expectations.
  • The impact of digital technologies on B2B relationships.
  • Matching digital technologies to specific customers and designing a customer-centric digital strategy.
  • Leveraging big data for new customer insights in large B2B organizations.

Delve into these critical aspects of customer-centric digital strategies with Philippe Martinez, Group Chief Transformation Officer, Air Liquide and Jay Worley, COO, Airgas. The webinar will be hosted by David Dubois, Associate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD who is joined by Jean-Michel Moslonka, CEO Agalio. 


Further Readings:

Philippe Martinez

Group Chief Transformation Officer, Air Liquide

Jay Worley

COO, Airgas

David Dubois

Associate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD