Faculty: Manuel Sosa, Associate Professor of Technology and Operations Management, Director of the Heinrich and Esther Baumann – Steiner Fund for Creativity and Business

Singapore – September 09-13, 2019

Innovating is vital to sustain corporate growth. Yet, it too often remains an elusive goal for many companies. Creativity is fundamental when producing innovations, yet it is typically left unmanaged. Creative Thinking will teach you how to use your creative potential to innovate in organizations. Such skills are at the heart of good design, and they can actually be learned and honed.

This KMC will teach you how to become a ‘catalyst of innovation’ in your organization. This requires mastering three fundamental creative skills, which you will acquire in this KMC. You need to be able to uncover innovation opportunities by looking at problems and situations with a user-centric mindset; you need to be able to think differently to search for novel alternatives to your existing solution paths; and you need to be able to embrace an experimental attitude to iteratively discover what is truly useful, feasible and viable. We will teach you, in a highly experiential manner, strategies to develop those creative skills as well as the organizational levers to build organizational capabilities that sustain creative thinking and creative action in organizations.

After completing this course you should be able to master three fundamental creative skills:

  • You should be able to uncover innovation opportunities by embracing a user-centric mindset
  • You should be able to think creatively to search for novel solution paths
  • You should be able to take and encourage an experimental behavior to iteratively test the usefulness, feasibility, and viability of any solution set
  • In addition, you should also be able to identify the organizational levers to set the processes and culture to build the innovative capabilities in your organization needed to sustain the innovation efforts that are required in the rapidly changing environments of today’s businesses.