Balenciaga in the Metaverse: When Luxury Meets Gaming

Tuesday, 7 June 2022
6.00 PM CET
Duration: 60 min

Slides by Tommaso di Bartolo

According to a recent report, in four years’ time, a quarter of us will be spending at least an hour a day in the metaverse. In 2020, the luxury fashion house Balenciaga was one of the first brands to virtually release their collection via a videogame fashion show. In the videogame Fortnite, Balenciaga dressed characters in the new Fall 2021 collection, which brought them one step closer into the metaverse.
Join us to hear a short introduction on the metaverse by Tommaso di Bartolo, author of “Navigating the Metaverse” and discuss the aspects of brands moving to the metaverse with INSEAD faculty Frederic Godart and fashion industry professional Marta Waydel, founder iKleid. The discussion will be moderated by Diana Gan (GEMBA’19), Founder of Elementary Capital.

Marta Waydel

Fashion Innovation Strategist, iKLEID

Tommaso di Bartolo

Founding Partners, awesm ventures

Frederic Godart

Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD

Diana Gan (GEMBA’19)

Founder, Elementary Capital