Blockchain for Food: The Case of BeefChain

Tuesday, 4 May 2021
Duration: 60 min

This INTHECASE webinar deep dives into the opportunities and challenges of leveraging blockchain in agribusiness. Hosted by Enver Yucesan (INSEAD Professor of Operations Management), Rob Jennings (BeefChain co-founder) will discuss the transformative role of blockchain in the food industry as well as the operational, organizational, and financial challenges of scaling up a pilot project in the cattle industry into a viable agrotechnology business.

Why attend? What can you learn from BeefChain?

• How to enable the role of blockchain for traceability in agribusiness? 

• What are the key challenges such as ensuring an appropriate business model, adequate technology, and the mobilization of various stakeholders for swift implementation? 

Further reading

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Rob Jennings

co-founder, BeefChain

Enver Yucesan

Professor of Operations Management, INSEAD

Laura Heely (MBA'17J)

FinTech Founder & Investor