Blockchain Revolutionizing Coffee Trading: The Story of Sucafina’s Farmer Connect

Wednesday, 31 May 2023
11.00 am CET
Duration: 60 min

Looking for a fascinating story about how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the coffee industry? Meet Sucafina, a multinational coffee merchant taking transparency to the next level with their innovative solution, Farmer Connect. Launched in 2019 by David Behrends, Sucafina’s Head of Trading & Managing Partner, Farmer Connect is a game-changing platform that is making waves in the coffee trading world. Join us for an upcoming INTHECASE webinar where we will dive into the challenges that Farmer Connect faced after its initial success, including scaling up the platform by involving the entire coffee “ecosystem,” determining its future structure in relation to Sucafina, and addressing fundraising and partnership issues. We will also explore how Farmer Connect plans to integrate key insights gained from a 2020 pilot project in Brazil. The webinar will be hosted by Tina Ambos, Professor of International Management, University of Geneva.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to lead with innovation and drive positive social impact through technology disruption.
  • Understand how innovation and digital transformation may impact the overall industry, notably increasing transparency and adding value throughout the value chain.
  • Realize how to foster ‘intrapreneurship’ within an organization, how to structure new initiatives once they start to grow, how to ensure fundraising, strategic alignment and skill sets in an evolving environment.

Further readings

David Behrends

Head of Trading & Managing Partner, Sucafina

Katherine Tatarinov

Post Doctorial Research Fellow, University of Geneva

Tina Ambos

Professor of International Management, University of Geneva