Global Open Innovation & Sustainability: The ENEL Case

Tuesday, 23 March 2021
Duration: 60 min

This INTHECASE webinar follows the journey of ENEL towards sustainability and innovation. Hosted by Felipe Monteiro (INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy), Fabio Tentori (ENEL Head of Innovation Hub) and Ernesto Ciorra (ENEL Chief Innovability Officer) will discuss how the Italian energy multinational has transformed the traditionally conservative and slow motion energy sector. By combining open innovation with sustainability – or what the company calls “Innovability”, ENEL is reshaping the long-term future of energy and has become one of the world’s leading integrated electricity operators.

Why attend? What can you learn from ENEL?

• How to win with innovation and sustainability at the organization core?

• How to harvest ideas externally (rather than just in-house) from an ecosystem of start-ups, SMEs, universities, researchers, suppliers, other corporations, and employees and succeed in driving open innovation through innovation hubs, crowdsourcing platforms and digitalization?

What to prepare?

• Case Study: Enel’s Innovability: Global Open Innovation and Sustainability. We are proud to announce, that the case just won the 31st annual Awards and Competition of the Case Center in the Ethics and Social Responsibility category, celebrating excellence in case writing.

How the SDGs Can Power Innovation, INSEAD Knowledge, Felipe Monteiro, May 7, 2020

Ernesto Ciorra

Chief Innovability Officer, ENEL

Fabio Tentori MBA’10D

Head of Innovation Hubs, Startups and Business Incubation, ENEL

Felipe Monteiro

INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Strategy