Henning Piezunka, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Fontainebleau: 7-11 September 2020

Singapore: 15 – 19 February 2021

San Francisco: 29 March – 2 April 2021

You learn how to transform an idea into a business.

Most INSEAD EMBAs become part of a new business venture at some point in their careers. They may found a venture, join a venture, or invest in a venture. Growing a venture and making it successful can help you reach your personal goals and to change the world. Failing to make it a success may set you back both personally and professionally. Taking this class teaches you the skills to make a new business venture a success.

You learn about the actions required to build a new business venture: for example, generating and selecting ideas, forming and developing a team, raising and spending venture capital, starting and scaling a Kickstarter campaign, identifying and managing partnerships, and acquiring and keeping customers, as well as scaling the business.

You learn to think like an entrepreneur that is to see constraints as a source of creativity, to embrace risk and make bold decisions when faced with it, and to find ways to position your venture in markets that do not yet exist. We will draw on insights from entrepreneurs, cutting-edge research, and “funky anecdotes” to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. You will also receive a set of tangible tools to practice applying insights from class in a real startup context. Together this will help you to go beyond having ideas – and to execute on them.

Please note that the KMC on New Business Ventures is offered twice – once in San Francisco and once in Abu Dhabi. The KMC in San Francisco is a slightly extended version. Please note that students cannot take both KMCs that is they either take News Business Ventures in San Francisco or in Abu Dhabi.