Deep Dive into Deep Tech

Tuesday, 7 December 2021
5.00 PM CET
Duration: 60 min


Moving deep tech out of the lab and into the marketplace is notoriously challenging, takes a long time and requires substantial capital. Inventors not only face technical complexities but also need to carry a much higher degree of risk than for an average venture investment. Hence, great discoveries do not always make it in the market place and investors are left at best with a solution in search of a problem. Yet for inventors who do make it, reward is high as deep tech often creates new markets and provides unique competitive advantages.

Today, inventors stand a better chance though as greater access to knowledge, skills, data, networks, and market information is fast changing the deep tech ecosystem. Hear from Brittany Corsi, founder of EarthXYZ, Sophie Cahen, Co-founder and CEO, Ganymed Robotics and Robyn Brazzil, director of FedTech, about disciplines, principles and skills required to move deep tech out of the lab and into the marketplace. The talk is hosted by Michaël Bikard, INSEAD Associate Professor of Strategy.

Robyn Brazzil

Director, FedTech

Sophie Cahen

Founder and CEO, Ganymed Robotics

Brittany Corsi

Founder, EarthXYZ

Michaël Bikard

Associate Professor of Strategy, INSEAD