DeFi, a Digital Revolution in Finance?

Thursday, 7 July 2022
5.00 PM CET
Duration: 60 min


Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to manage financial transactions. DeFi is gaining momentum and challenges legacy, centralized institutions with a wide spectrum of peer-to-peer financial services such as payments, loans, mortgages, asset trading. Hear Alex Tapscott ‘s perspective on how fast and how far blockchain is decentralizing finance and disrupting Wall Street. Tapscott is the author of Digital Asset Revolution: How Blockchain Is Decentralizing Finance and Disrupting Wall Street and co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute. The webinar is hosted by Peter Zemsky, INSEAD Deputy Dean.

Further reading

Alex Tapscott

Managing Director, Digital Assets Group, Ninepoint Partners

Peter Zemsky

Deputy Dean/Dean of Innovation, INSEAD

Cherrie Liu (MBA’22D)

Co-President, INSEAD TMT Club