France in the Eyes of Google: How “Big” Search Data Reveals the Fabric of a Country

Wednesday, 18 May 2022
2.00 PM CET
Duration: 60 min


Kindly note the talk will be held in French

Google searches are frequent, private, almost automatic behaviors most of us perform at least several times a day. Aggregated, these billion datapoints offer a unique lens revealing short-lived as much as long-term trends that unpack our collective feelings and aspirations. What can they reveal about France? This talk, based off INSEAD marketing Prof. David Dubois’ book France in the eyes of Google: How “Big” search data reveals the fabric of a country, combines an innovative analytical lens – locally aggregated search data – with established social, economic and political indicators to offer fresh insights on contemporary France as if it was a person: what does the country feel? How does it approach information and relate to the media? How did it react to the pandemic? How is France seen abroad, and can it build its brand image? Brand new search maps and in-depth excursions across an array of different domains offer readers an overview of search data, bring before their eyes a new, powerful, and easy-to-access way to understand the world around them and invite them to undertake their own journey in the world of search data. Kindly note the talk will be held in French.
You can find some information about the book here.
And the book is available on Librinova, Amazon and Fnac.

David Dubois

Associate Professor of Marketing, INSEAD

Fanny Potier-Koninckx (MBA’01D)

Partner & Associate Director, BCG