The Upsides & Downsides of NFTs and Fractional Ownership

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
4.00 PM CET
Duration: 60 min


Use cases of NFTs are fast-growing. Because they can track and secure ownership, NFTs open new avenues for companies to engage with customers, employees, fans… They also allow the tokenisation of intangible assets such as intellectual property as well as tangible assets such as real estate.

In this TECH TALK X, we will explore the specific use of NFTs in fractional ownership with a focus on green initiatives, property ownership and in crowdsourcing for social impact. We will further discuss the benefits of this new technology in these areas as well as its potential downsides with industry experts Marina Niforos (MBA’99D), Member, EU Blockchain Observatory, Katherine A. Foster, Strategy Advisor, Social Alpha Foundation and Sunny Kumar (GEMBA’22), Founder & CEO, Carbon27. The webinar is hosted by Bart Yueshen, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Finance.

Katherine A. Foster

Strategy Advisor, Social Alpha Foundation

Marina Niforos (MBA’99D)

Member, EU Blockchain Observatory

Sunny Kumar (GEMBA’22)

Founder & CEO, Carbon27

Bart Yueshen

Assistant Professor of Finance, INSEAD