Web3 Technologies and their Impact on Industries: Insights from Insiders

Wednesday, 5 April 2023
2.00 pm CET
Duration: 60 min


From healthcare to finance, education and creative industries, Web3 technologies promise to revolutionize the way businesses operate and create value. In this TECH TALK session, we will hear from experts who are actively shaping the Web3 landscape and creating new opportunities for innovation. Emma Ridderstad, from Warpin, will share insights on how to leverage VR and AR platforms to create immersive content that adds real brand value to businesses. David Shamash, from Web3 accelerator Outlier Ventures, will discuss how the best founders in Web3 are shaping the landscape of DeFi, NFTs and blockchain infrastructure. Bryn Davies, from Proximie, will also share his experience leveraging Web3 technologies to provide solutions to caregivers in the healthcare industry. The session will be moderated by Peter Zemsky, INSEAD Deputy Dean and Dean of Innovation.

Bryn Davies

Chief of Strategy & Business Development, Proximie

Emma Ridderstad

CEO and Co-founder, Warpin

David Shamash MBA’20J

Head of Partnerships, Outlier Ventures

Peter Zemsky

Deputy Dean/Dean of Innovation, INSEAD