The Future of Crypto

Tuesday, 28 November 2023
1.00 pm CET
Duration: 60 min


Recent setbacks, including the collapse of FTX and regulatory actions against crypto exchanges, have cast uncertainty on crypto’s future. Listen to a diverse panel of industry experts reflect on the key lessons drawn from the recent industry turmoil and the differing responses from industry players and global regulators in the EU, US, UK and other key jurisdictions. Gain insights on the leading use cases poised to drive tangible value for businesses, individuals and governments and how major trends from generative AI to geopolitical tensions are set to shape the future of crypto.

Ben Cousens

Chief Strategy Officer, ZEBEDEE

Peter Zemsky

Professor of Strategy, INSEAD

Anne Maréchal

Avocate Associée & Partner, De Gaulle Fleurance

Mathias Imbach

Co-Founder & Group CEO, Sygnum

Andrei Kirilenko

Professor of Finance, University Cambridge Judge