This webpage aggregates across the capabilities of INSEAD faculty and researchers in academic publication and teaching in the areas of analytics, artificial intelligence, and big data for business and society. The work covers three levels:

  • Governance and regulation (“Responsible AI”)
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Innovation and deployment in business process optimization and decision making

Contributing Faculty and Team

So Yeon Chun

Analytics for strategy evaluation/causal inference, Loyalty and Customer Relationship Management

Stephen E. Chick

Analytics driven business model innovation, Digital health, Optimal adaptive learning

Dragos Florin Ciocan

Revenue management, Decision-making under uncertainty, Large scale optimization

Jason Davis

AI in Big Tech, Collaboration, and Digital Strategy

Theodoros Evgeniou

Machine Learning Algorithms, AI Regulation and Governance, AI Adoption

Georgina Hall

Optimization, Algorithms, Statistical Inference on Networks

Dan Iancu

Optimization, Robustness, Responsible AI

Pavel Kireyev

Digital Marketplace Analytics, Machine Learning and Econometrics, Explainable AI in Marketing

Chengyi Lin

AI in health, Data strategy, Strategic impact of AI, AI ethics

Anton Ovchinnikov

Data-driven Decision Making, Responsible AI, Design and Operations of Bionic (Human and AI) Systems

Phanish Puranam

Organizational analytics, Organizations and algorithms, Org2.0

Ville Satopaa

Bayesian statistics, forecast aggregation, probabilistic forecasting

Klaus Wertenbroch

The psychology of AI: Consumer preferences for autonomy, explainability, privacy


Academic Research



  • Executive Education Programmes
  • Courses in Degree Programmes
    • Artificial Intelligence Strategy (MBA): Pavel Kireyev
    • Data Science (and Machine Learning) for Business (MBA): Theodoros Evgeniou, Anton Ovchinnikov, Spyros Zoumpoulis
    • Decision Models (MBA): Spyros Zoumpoulis, Miguel Lobo, Ilia Tselin, Georgina Hall
    • Org2.0 (MBA): Phanish Puranam
    • ART: Analytics for Retail and Travel (MBA): So Yeon Chun
    • Analytics for Responsible Management (MBA): Dan Iancu
    • Responsible AI (MBA): Dan Iancu
    • AI Strategy for Start-ups and C-Suites (GEMBA): Phil Parker
    • Analytics for Strategy Evaluation (MIM): So Yeon Chun
    • Machine Learning and Optimization (MIM): Georgina Hall
    • Machine Learning, Causality, and Management (PhD): Pavel Kireyev
    • Foundations of Machine Learning and AI (PhD): Theodoros Evgeniou and Nicolas Vayatis
  • Educational Partnerships

Cases & Simulations


Knowledge & Events