Faculty: Phil Parker, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD Chaired Professor of Management Science

October 18-23, 2020

This elective is designed to introduce, demystify and investigate value creation strategies in eco-systems relating to AI, machine learning, robotics, and advanced analytics.
The course begins by looking at the the history of machine-based automation mimicking human activities. We will discuss the differences between human and non-human intelligence and the degree to which these differences matter. Applications starting from mechanical origins, to digital innovations in this area have gradually reached what some consider “intellectual” achievements.

What can we expect in the future? The course covers four key layers in AI systems: (1) the data layer … all things “big and small data”, (2) the deep learning layer … all things machine learning, advanced multivariate statistics, graph theory, and algorithms, (3) the authoring layer … decision support, automated news, and writing, and (4) the distribution layer … meta data, formats, and uses.

These advances will be coupled with advanced decision support systems that have the potential, themselves, to be fully automated.

The course will emphasize value creation opportunities along the way, and, from time to time, focus on arcane things like 3D game rendering engines, trade-offs between PCI/SSD/MDD/RAM, programming languages, database formats, IT pipelines, and how to avoid spending too much money.