From Research to Impact: Half a Century Shaping the AI Frontier

Thursday, 18 April 2024

5.00 pm CET

Duration: 60 min


Join us on a journey through the history of AI from its early conceptual foundations to today’s Gen AI breakthroughs and tomorrow’s potential futures with:

Why attend:

  • Discover the key scientific and technological ideas in the history of AI by people who have been there for decades.
  • Hear about how to take AI innovations from the lab to global multi-billion companies.
  • Learn about the Science and Engineering of Intelligence, natural or artificial, and its promises for our future.
  • Explore how AI is reshaping science and industries.

The INSEAD AI Global Leaders Series presents perspectives from around the world on the main scientific, business and policy developments in AI. Together with the founders and CEOs of a selection of the most innovative AI companies, leading AI academics and policy experts, the series offers a unique opportunity to develop a more complete and global understanding of the most important technology of our times. The series is hosted by Theos Evgeniou, Professor of Decision Sciences & Technology Management at INSEAD and Director of the INSEAD Executive Education programs, AI for Business, the online program Transforming Your Business with AI  and the INSEAD AI Executive Forum.

Other episodes:

Amnon Shashua

Sachs Professor of Computer Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem & CEO, Mobileye

Tomaso Poggio

Eugene McDermott Professor in the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, MIT; Director of the Center for Brains, Minds and Machines

Theos Evgeniou

Professor of Decision Science & Technology Management, INSEAD