Harnessing Data Intelligence for Medical Diagnostics: The Case of Unilabs Portugal

Monday, 14 June 2021
Duration: 60 min

This INTHECASE follows Unilabs Portugal – a front runner in the provision of data-driven medical diagnostics for hospitals and health systems (B2B) as well as individuals (B2C).

Together with Luis Menezes (CEO of Unilabs Portugal) and Jose Pedro Almeida (Data Intelligence Director at Unilabs Portugal), we will deep dive into Unilabs Portugal transformational journey and explore how data driven medical diagnostics enabled the organization to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in a timely manner, to generate insights on individual patient responses to medication, and to promote evidence-based treatment to achieve better clinical outcomes. The session is hosted by Stephen E. Chick (INSEAD Professor of Technology Operations and Management ) and Ridhima Aggarwal (Salmon and Rameau Associate Director of the INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative).

Why attend?
• Explore the critical role of diagnostics in health systems.
• Learn how organizational structure can facilitate digital transformation.
• Understand how data analytics can optimize and improve internal operations such as call centers and purchasing, enhance existing services – such as the prioritization of lab results for critical subpopulations – and develop new services such as AI-driven analytics for imaging and population health.

What to prepare?
• Case study: Leading the Change: Harnessing the Power of Data Intelligence to Improve Medical Diagnostics.


Luís Menezes

CEO, Unilabs Portugal

José Pedro Almeida

Data Intelligence Director, Unilabs Portugal

Stephen E. Chick

Professor of Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD, The Novartis Chaired Professor of Healthcare Management, Academic Director, Healthcare Management Initiative

Ridhima Aggarwal

Salmon and Rameau Associate Director of the Healthcare Management Initiative, INSEAD