Profiting from the Subscription Economy – What Executives Need to Know

Thursday, 10 June 2021
Duration: 60 min


The Subscription Economy has been described by many as the next big business tsunami. Executives often ask how to make best use of subscription-based business models, in start-ups and big corporations, and across industries, from entertainment and software, to fashion and luxury goods, or industrial products. What is needed for success? Where to start? How to scale-up and grow? In this session, we share best practices and discuss how companies can master their strategic subscription journey in both B2B and B2C markets.

Why attend? What will be discussed?
• Explore subscription-based business model opportunities.
• Understand key success factors of recurring subscription revenue models.
• Learn from experiences made by companies venturing into subscriptions.
• Envision your roadmap for mastering profitable subscription growth.

Further Reading

Amy Konary

Global VP, Subscribed Strategy Group & Chair of the Subscribed Institute, Zuora

Michael Mansard

Principal Director of Subscription Strategy, Zuora

Johan Trip

Director - Subscriptions Accelerator, Philips

Wolfgang Ulaga

INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Marketing & Co-Director, INSEAD Marketing & Sales Excellence Initiative (MSEI)