Digital Music, Disrupted? The Case of Beatdapp

Wednesday, 2 June 2021
Duration: 60 min

This INTHECASE webinar will follow the trials and tribulations of Beatdapp – a blockchain startup trying to navigate the tricky power and political dynamics of the music industry. Despite many disruptions to this industry over the past two decades, the “major” record labels still hold considerable power and sway; anything viewed as a threat to their position runs an outsized risk of failure. Enter Beatdapp, whose proprietary blockchain technology tracks streaming data at a scale and accuracy level superior to the streaming services own processes – giving power back to the music rights holders. Deepdive with beatdapp co-founders Andrew Batey and Morgan Hayduk on what it takes to challenge the current status quo. The webinar is hosted by Noah Askin (Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD) and Laura Heely (INSEAD MBA’17J).

Why attend?
• Understand how a company explains their blockchain-enabled business model to customers.
• Explore a use case of new technology in the music industry and the search for a scalable business model.
• Deepdive into the challenges faced by potential disruptors against well-established industry players.

Further reading
Disruption and Anti-Disruption in the Streaming Economy, INSEAD Knowledge, Noah Askin and Benjamin Kessler, 4 February 2020



Morgan Hayduk

Co-founder & Co-CEO, Beatdapp

Andrew Batey

Co-founder & Co-CEO, Beatdapp

Noah Askin

Assistant Professor in Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD

Laura Heely

Fintech founder and investor