Tech Revolution in Mass Transit for Emerging Markets:
The Case of Swvl

Wednesday, 26 May 2021
Duration: 60 min

Founded in Cairo in 2017, Swvl powers private and affordable mass-transit systems for megacities – filling the gap between broken public transportation and expensive on-demand services. Valued at over US$ 100m in 2021, Swvl operates in Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, Jordan, and across the Gulf. Follow the journey of Swvl founder Mostafa Kandil and deep-dive into the opportunities and growth pains of raising a unicorn and navigating a pandemic in emerging markets. The session is hosted by INSEAD Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, Vikas Aggarwal.

Why attend?
• Explore the economics of platforms
• Learn how tech startups can help emerging countries innovate and leapfrog
• Follow the growth journey of a tech platform in emerging markets
• Deep-dive into the strategic, operational and funding challenges of an aspiring unicorn

Mostafa Kandil

Founder and CEO, Swvl

Vikas Aggarwal

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise