• Deep dive into the building of Web 3 with INSEAD alumni Stefano Bury, Head of Platform @ LongHash Ventures and Louisa Bai, Crypto Strategy & Partnerships @ Stellar Development Foundation and Yida Gao, General Partner @ Shima Capital and Amy Zhao @ Openspace Ventures.
  • Track the core components of the decentralised web and discuss investment thesis and trends as well as what it takes to onboard the next billion users.
  • Learn how to scale up your startup in Web 3 and how the new web can advance financial inclusion and equitable access.


Louisa Bai MBA '11J

Crypto Strategy & Partnerships, Stellar Development Foundation

Stefano Bury MBA '13D

Head of Platform, LongHash Ventures

Yida Gao

General Partner, Shima Capital

Amy Zhao

Lead, Ocular Fund by Openspace Ventures