Making Sense of Quantum Computing for Business

Wednesday, 22 September 2021
Duration: 60 min


Quantum Computing is opening a new era of possibilities – solving highly complex problems that far exceed the capabilities of today’s most powerful computers. What does this mean for business and how to prepare for it? What are the main current business applications of Quantum Computing? Who are the industry pioneers in Quantum Computing today? And what are the current limitations and risks associated with this new technology? Hosted by Andrew Shipilov (INSEAD Professor of Strategy), hear from Quantum Computing experts Kevin Eversmann (Managing Director, Accenture) and Denise Ruffner (VP, IonQ) on the state, promises and challenges of Quantum Computing for business in 2021.

Denise Ruffner

Vice President Business Development, IonQ Inc.

Kevin Eversmann

Managing Director, Accenture

Andrew Shipilov

Professor of Strategy, INSEAD