Scaling Innovation in Genetics and Precision Medicine

Wednesday, 3 May 2023
4.00 pm CET
Duration: 60 min

Discover the latest trends in genetics and precision medicine with our upcoming webinar on Scaling Innovation, where we will bring together leading experts to discuss validation and operational use of technology inventions in this field. Our panelists, Julien Rey (MBA’14J); Co-Founder of FBB Biomed, Francois Paillier, CEO & Co-Founder CircaGene and Kostas Theofilatos, Co-Founder and CTO InSyBio, will further explore a range of topics, including customer discovery and payer sequencing and strategies for ensuring equitable access to these advancements without depleting resources. The discussion will be moderated by Stephen Chick, Professor of Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD and Director of the INSEAD Healthcare Management Initiative.

Francois Paillier

CEO and co-founder, CircaGene

Julien Rey MBA’14J

Co-Founder, FBB Biomed

Konstantinos Theofilatos

Co-Founder & CTO, InSyBio

Stephen Chick

Professor of Technology and Operations Management, INSEAD