19 June 2017, INSEAD Alumni Association Belgium

Boulevard de l’Impératrice 13 Brussels Belgium

06:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Drones or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems) have long time been used by the air force in war zones.

Now they are expected to disrupt the life of consumers and businesses.

From inspections, to mapping, to delivery of objects and even humans, the current set of applications is more than disruptive. And there might be even more potential.

In Europe, 400,000 drones are expected to be doing commercial operations by 2035 leading to 8 billion euro economic impact.

VCs are also believing in the industry, as in 2015, 1 billion dollar was invested in drone related companies.

Is it a bubble, or is it an actual disruption? What can drones really do for your business?

Where does the industry stand today? What are the major challenges for growth?

These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this TMT Club event, which will include thought leaders from diverse backgrounds (consulting, Belgian drone start-ups and an established company).

Each will highlight a key topic of the industry, and the evening will end with a panel debate.

The event is open to all INSEAD alumni and their guests.

The event will be held at the Brussels office of Boston Consulting Group, the main sponsor of the event and corporate partner of INSEAD Alumni Association of Belgium.

Location: BCG Brussels Office – Keizerinlaan 13 / Boulevard de l’Impératrice 13, 1000 Brussels


18:30 – 18:45 Arrival of speakers and attendees
18:45 – 18:50 Introduction of event and speakers (Emmanuel Gillain)
18:50 – 19:10 Economic outlook is substantial, but what needs to happen to unlock it? (Alexandre Amoukteh – BCG)
19:10 – 19:30 What can drones do for you – Example use case: business insights with drone data (Peter Cosyn – Delairtech)
19:30-19:40 Break
19:40 – 19:55 Profile of the key players – who is buying drones? (Benoit de Bruyn – DroneVolt)
19:55 – 20:10 (Future) revolution in transportation (Stijn Debecker)
20:10 – 20:30 Questions and panel discussion (Hugo De Blauwe)
20:30 – 21:30 Drinks / sandwiches


  • 15 EUR for INSEAD Members*
  • 20 EUR for INSEAD Alumni (non-members) or guests
  • Max capacity: 50 

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Emmanuel Gillain & Jonathan De Jonck

On behalf of TMT club

*INSEAD Member – somebody who paid membership for 2017

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