AI & Data Analytics: Enhancing Livelihoods & Forest Conservation in Subsistence Agriculture

Wednesday, 24 January 2024

10.00 am CET

Duration: 60 min


Smallholder farmers, who play an essential role in global agricultural commodity production, often struggle with low incomes and limited productivity, and occasionally resort to deforestation to expand their farms and improve their livelihoods — a practice with significant environmental repercussions. To tackle these challenges, large multinational commodity buyers and governmental agencies have been increasingly making dual commitments to halt tropical deforestation while enhancing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.  Join us to gain a deeper understanding on how data analytics and AI combined with economic modeling and novel technology platforms can help enhance sustainable farming and human development.

Why attend:

  • Explore how data analytics and AI are being utilized to create novel solutions for sustainable farming and forest conservation.
  • Gain insights into how innovative incentive models and sourcing strategies can simultaneously enhance smallholder farmer welfare and protect tropical forests.
  • Discover how these strategies are being implemented in critical areas like the Indonesian palm oil supply chain, and their tangible impacts on both the economy and the environment.
  • Learn about the development and implementation of new technological platforms that facilitate better coordination between smallholder farmers and commodity buyers, leading to increased transparency, efficiency, and equity.
  • Discuss the broader implications of these advancements for global agricultural practices, environmental policy, and the ongoing effort to balance human development with ecological preservation.


Dan A. Iancu

Associate Professor of Operations, Information & Technology Stanford, Graduate School of Business

Nils Wickman (MBA’24J)

Co-Founder & President, AGI@INSEAD