Case studies describe management situations – real or hypothetical. Metaphors for a broader class of business problems, cases are powerful teaching tools of top business schools. A pioneer and current leader in case publishing, INSEAD produces about 70-80 new case studies per year authored by INSEAD Faculty and Research Staff.

INTHECASE webinars deepdive into recent cases published by INSEAD together with case protagonist(s), industry experts and are presented by INSEAD faculty. Highly interactive and engaging, INTHECASE recreates class discussion online and offers insights into best practices/framework driving success.

INTHECASE by digital@INSEAD spans a wide spectrum of topics on global digital transformation and provides a unique opportunity for industry practitioners to enjoy first-hand INSEAD teaching.

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Xiaomi: Where to Next?

Xiaomi: Where to Next?

Kathy Ning Shen (UAE University), Guoli Chen (INSEAD), Amitava Chattopadhyay (INSEAD)
23 November 2022 – Webinar